08 March 2013

Suit & Tie

Father wears a suit, tie, and Allen Edmonds loafers every day for work (he is an insurance agent, and until this past November owned the company). Father is in semi-retirement now, so he wears them less frequently. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to show you all, but he looks handsome. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, ruddy complexion, and is 6'2 and until age 60 was trim (as he has been less active he's gotten a little belly). He purchases his suits from Rodes of Louisville or Brooks Brothers. His shirts used to be a pale yellow, white, or pink with matching rep stripe tie. In the last decade or so, Father has been a bit bold by purchasing dark colored shirts and solid ties from the Donald Trump Collection. I am not a fan. This time also brought a Camaro, ewww. Mother and he finally compromised and he bought a sporty Cadillac and he now purchases his shirts at Brooks Brothers again (not happy with his leather blazer from BB though). Good job, Mother!

There truly is something about a man in a suit and tie that demands respect. They are taking care of their appearance. They care what others think about them. They know that to be overdressed is far better than being under-dressed.

My husband has worn scrubs to work for years, but just recently, he has had a position change and will soon be wearing suits as he did when we first met. Let's just say I'm thrilled! Gentlemen, you wanna know how to get a woman to find you attractive? A tailored suit or even sports coat with dress shirt is a very good start.


  1. The way to make me swoon: a perfectly tailored white shirt. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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  3. i completely agree with you!
    suit and tie= respectable but also i think it's quite charming

  4. I *so* agree! My husband's job is very behind the scenes and he only really dresses up when he travels for work, but I ocassionaly get to see him gussied up and love it! My favorite is when it's cold out and the black, wool driving coat comes out.

    My dad wore a suit and tie every day of his working life and often in our personal life as well (for concerts and parties) and it always made me feel proud of him for looking so dapper.

  5. Jan, you double posted so I deleted the second one.

    Caroline, another thing we have in common!

  6. Two thumbs up for this. Suit and tie give any man a respectable look.

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  7. Your dad sounds snazzy and classic together. My dad has always been a neat dresser - still is. He was a salesman who worked in a tie.
    My Man-of-the-House works at home but usually wears a button up of the front shirt and Dockers. My favorite shirt is a dark plum. It goes with his dark brown hair and even with the gray at his temples.
    Karen A.


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