04 March 2013

The Crippled

This weekend was not the best of weekends in a few ways, but eye opening in another. Here's the lowdown:

  • Last week was extremely busy, which is why I was feeling overwhelmed and wrote my last post. I put on 400 miles in 1 week, not in 1 day, in 1 week. This meant I was driving a significant amount every day. If y'all recall, I have had 6 surgeries on my right (driving) ankle and I still walk on the side of my foot. By Friday I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, and have thus since been on crutches. Husband stepped up and did the chauffering and everyone was on their own food-wise. It was almost a vacation!
  • On Sunday, my husband "delivered a tiny baby". He had a kidney stone and with the help of some medications, he was able to deliver it almost pain free. Then I did what I could to help his chores.
  • Purchasing a 30 year old motorcycle isn't the best decision. The oldest child let the oil burn out of his Honda and the engine tore up. He's fine, thankfully, but the bike was not. He then purchased another also 20 year old bike, that worked fine...for a week. Husband grew up working on motorcycles and went to fixing it, but N thought he knew everything. Turns out after speaking to an actual motorcycle repairman...husband knows a lot about motorcycles and N knows to listen to him. Oh the joys of being 18.
  • The middle child, M, worked 2 days and was determined to "go out" on Saturday night. So she did. She went to a coffee shop/poetry reading place and didn't get to her friend's house until 12:30. She didn't sleep that night so when she came home on Sunday she slept all day. Which means she didn't sleep last night. Today she tried to get out of going to school until I said that she will not stay the night over anyone's house until spring break, so she went. She learned that it's best to sleep at friends houses.
  • The baby had no issues this weekend...that means he didn't learn anything. Isn't that how we grow?
Today, I did my bible study, which talked a lot about being in the Word. I wanted to mention here that if you are having a lot of "learning experiences", then learn from Him what to do.

I'm not going to take a total break this month, but I will not make a set amount of posts. 

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