05 March 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window... Cool temperatures, cloudy skies that will soon develop into severe thunderstorms, mostly bare trees though a few have tiny buds on the ends of the branches, and the branches are currently swaying quite dramatically.

I am thinking... about how much we spend on groceries that end up going down the drain. If y'all have any suggestions on frugal foods let m know!

I am thankful... my new pink yoga mat.

In the kitchen... healthy foods.

I am wearing... black tank top and gray yoga pants as I just finished my workout. 

I am creating... a binder for special blog posts to encourage my WASP wardrobe and Christian walk.

I am going... to pick up the teenagers from their respective locations, library, and post office.

I am wondering... if I should purchase a sewing machine. 

I am reading... A Place Called Sweet Apple by Celestine Sibley. It's about a woman who lives in downtown Atlanta then decides to move out to the country during the 1960's. 

I am hoping... to make some new friends soon.

I am learning... about everything...why not have a constant sense of wondering?

Around the house... nothing special, but always something.

I am pondering... when the children move out, will we have a sudden influx of money?

A favorite quote for today... "To say we are seeking Him with all our hearts but are not willing to spend time with Him each day would appear hypocritical." Teri Maxwell, Sweet Journey

One of my favorite things... Celestial Blue Le Creuset tea kettle.

A few plans: be happy.

Photo of my day: This happened.


  1. I know what you mean about wasting food. I try to buy frozen veggies so I don't throw out what we didn't eat. But that doesn't work for salads.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Beth!


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