26 April 2013

A Woman of a Certain Age's Apparel

This is a conversation that I have had with friends and family for seemingly years. As a lover of classic clothing, this has not truly been an issue until a few years ago. I was about 32 and visiting Mother. I was wearing a cute black A-line dress that hit about an inch above my knees. My hair was long, but not 3/4 of the way down my back is it is currently. I had a black headband in my hair. I do not remember what shoes I was wearing. All of a sudden, Mother said that I'm dressing far too young for my age. I need a haircut, sensible shoes, and to wear pants or skirts that hit below my knees. Hurmph. Well, I thought I looked cute. By the way, my sister's hair is about the same length now as mine was when my mother told me it needed cutting and my sister is 6.5 years older than me. Her style of dress is nothing like mine...at all. She was an 80's girl.

I recently read a post by Syd stating that because she has always dressed older than her age. As a girl, I was usually in frilly dresses. In middle and high school I usually wore polos and either khakis or skirts with penny loafers. I still wear that outfit all of the time! I've also worked at The Limited, Talbots, and Laura Ashley. My college closet was representative of those stores. So, maybe I always dressed older than my age. Is age ever an issue with dress and hairstyle? When someone has children, does that mean that they have to wear mom jeans and cut their hair to a bob?

Practicality has it's place. Having long hair that a baby can yank on isn't fun. Pearl necklaces ripped off of a neck by baby can be expensive. Bending over in a shorter Lilly P. shift chasing a toddler can give people a personal view. So, in one way I understand why clothing, accessories, and hairstyle may change with children, but that doesn't mean it has to (besides the short skirt, nobody needs to see that). When my son graduates high school I will only be 39, so obviously I was a young mom. 20 year olds do not wear mom jeans, nor should they be required to.

I like bright colors. I like my hair this long, even though it often stays in a bun there's the possibility of it being long, straight, and pretty. I prefer to wear skirts and dresses and I think hitting right above the knee is modest enough for anyone as long as they have the figure to pull it off. I can't wear heels so the shoe thing is taken care of on its own. I hope that I don't sound like a 15 year old rebellious girl, but as a woman that prefers classic clothing but owns a few Forever 21 dresses, I think that age does not determine how you dress. I hope that if the Lord decides to keep me here on Earth in my 90's I still have on a pearl necklace, headband, and decide how I want to dress without anyone telling me what to do.


  1. I really dread the thought of cutting my hair, I've always had it it and it just feels like me, I'm watching Demi Moore and Elle Macpherson closely.

    1. Me too! Your hair is beautiful, Tabs! I'm not going to cut it. I don't understand the thought process of needing to cut it because of age.

  2. You are WAY too young to have to worry about dressing your age:). Keep your hair long. I have!

  3. My mom has already started mentioning the "Mom haircut" to me...I informed her we were at a generational impasse. Not going to happen lady! :). I believe at one point I said "YOLO", but she didn't notice. Point made.

    One thing I've made a mental note of though is at what age one should stop leaving the house in jersey knit material. I know it's comfy as all get out, but it just looks sloppy when your body starts drooping and squishing more. Quite frankly it's not a forgiving fabric at any age.


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