01 April 2013

Mornings with Martha

In a marketing class in college I did a presentation on Martha Stewart. Why you ask? I learned everything domestic from Stewart. Seriously. I never learned how to do any cooking, laundering, and little cleaning. It was sad. Every time my parents mentioned cooking I was all, I'll hire someone. Well, that didn't work out. In college I remember calling a friend and asking how to make a hamburger. Sometimes I wonder if I should have learned to cook as I was skinny back then! ;)

When I was married & pregnant, I had severe morning sickness and this is when I found Martha. What a blessing she was to this non domesticated Mother to be! I would lay on the couch watching Martha Stewart Living absolutely dying with my bucket beside me and soaking in every single word from Martha. My family lives 400 miles away so they could only be of so much help. Martha was my mentor for what would be the rest of my days.

Martha taught me to boil eggs, stack a dishwasher correctly, have a container garden, make a craft for every season, and the best, fold a fitted sheet:


I've enjoyed Martha Stewart Cooking School on PBS, and hope they air her old shows as well.

Who taught you domestic skills?


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  2. As a child, my mother insisted on doing everything so all would be "perfect". Therefore, I learned to cook, decorate, garden and all other "good things" via Martha. Say what you will, she has done a great service to many!


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