01 May 2013

goings on in an apron

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Life has been busy and complicated and full of surprises. Next Tuesday I am going into surgery (low back fusion). So, we have been getting everything needed to be completed before that time. Lets face it, when Mama is down, the world falls apart. My recovery time is 3-4 weeks of no driving or doing anything other than walk, and a total of 2 months of no lifting, twisting, or bending! So, the family has been having what the Brits call "a good clear out". It's nice to donate so much to needy families. Also, the teenagers will be helping me out I need to have everything in the right place.

So, on to aprons. I don't know about you, but I truly have a romantic viewpoint on aprons. They have such meaning and significance behind their beings. They mean hard work, loving Mother making supper, and pockets to hold things that may be needed during the day. After my workout in the mornings and shower, I put on my apron for the day. This apron means it's time to get to work. It's time to make breakfast!

One of my favorite quotes on aprons is from Charles Wesley whom said about his mother Suzannah Wesley, "Mother could be found in the kitchen with her apron over her head praying." I've actually tried to hid behind my apron before. Another trick when your children are annoying you is to actually pray out loud for that child to behave. It works.

My love for aprons (really most domestic items) is kind of an addiction. Here are a few links to some favorites of mine:

Marmee Dear



Cath Kidston


Do you wear aprons? If so, where do you buy them?


  1. I posted a comment to this yesterday, but it wouldn't save...so I'm trying again.

    Hopefully you get some effective pain management - meds, cortisone, one of those neat implants.

    My aprons are from all over the world; my mom brings them home for me from my parents' travels. My favorite is from Sweden. I feel so domesticated when I wear it. :)


    1. Thank you, friend! How cool to have aprons from all over the world!!!


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