21 May 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook 05.21.13

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Outside my window... It's hot...nearly 90! The trees are completely filled out and the sun is bright and shiny after days of rain. 

I am thinking... about how this school year has gone by so fast!

I am thankful... for my sweet family pitching in and helping after my surgery.

In the kitchen... whatever my family is making as I'm still not able. I miss it!

I am wearing... light blue gown with swiss dots and white lace trim. My robe is pink and white gingham.

I am creating... sketches of the Cardinal bird family that has been visiting my balcony. They will not visit the barn bird feeder that my husband bought me though. :(

I am going... nowhere as I am home bound.

I am wondering... if my son I've homeschooled has been pushed enough and learned enough from me.

I am reading... Just magazines lately as my pain has kept me from wanting to read. I'll admit that the television has been on WAY too much since my surgery, even though there is little entertaining or educational television.

I am hoping... to heal quicker than it appears to be going.

I am learning... about the birds in my back yard because of my Peterson app. 

Around the house... my oldest (bonus) son has moved back in after moving out and being independent for 8 months. It wasn't what it was cracked up to be apparently. Our house is full and full of love.

A favorite quote for today... "All you need is love, love, love" - The Beattles

One of my favorite things... biscuits.

A few plans: find educational ways that help my boredom, finish up schooling, and get through each day with walking more and less pain.

Photo of my day: My baby Cardinal.


  1. A bird app? I will have to alert my mom. She finally got on board and uses an iPad now. Thoroughly Modern Mommy.

    I hope you're feeling better every minute of the day!

    xoxo Caroline

    1. There's 2 bird apps: Sibleys and Peterson. Sibleys costs a lot more than Peterson. National Geographic isn't as good.

      Thank you! I'm slowly healing.

  2. Screen shorting your response and sending to mom. Gracias!


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