20 May 2013

"what to wear for house-cleaning"

"What should I wear for house-cleaning?

I could recommend all kinds of household wear. To begin with, it should be protective and attractive. I like skirts that have plenty of knee action without being too full . . .

Bandannas are wonderful if worn with style. Have a wardrobe of household kerchiefs to go with what you're wearing. Try a bright calico wrap-and-tie dress with a fetching kerchief to look as sprightly as Brigitte Bardot . . .

For really heavy household chores, wear dungarees with a neat cotton shirt and maybe a bandanna. I don't like dungarees for casual wear, but since they're the best thing for messy jobs, wear them with authority.

Don't look like a steam-fitter or a garage mechanic when what you are is, purely and simply, a wife."

--Anne Fogarty, Wife-Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife (1959, 2008)

Hat Tip to Anna

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