19 June 2013



Please let me apologize for my lack of postings. I'm 6 weeks post op today! :) I'm still only able to sit for 30-60 minutes, depending on my toleration. So, that's better, but now that it's summer, I never have use of any of our 4 computers! I want to make posts on my laptop so I can post pictures in the post instead of just at the bottom. Oh well, I'm happy that they are all here for the summer. 

So, what is an Inslee you ask? Inslee is a very talented illustrator. She seems to typically use watercolor and pencil drawing. She illustrates women beautifully. My Facebook profile is the picture below of the woman with dark hair cooking. I'm not as thin as the lady but the hair, dress, and apron are me! 
You'll find Inslee at http://Inslee.net. 

Outside of the housewife photo, I like the sketch of ombré hair. What is your favorite?


  1. I wondered who did those, I like them very much. The colors are beautiful.

  2. Inslee was a friend of my daughter's in college. She is every bit as lovely as her beautiful artwork. For Christmas, my daughter surprised me with a painting of me and my beloved mini-dachshunds. I actually cried with delight! So facinated to happen upon your blog and your mention of Inslee. You have fine taste!

    1. How wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog. Come back and visit me.

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