23 June 2013

Yes, I am Southern

I am addicted to the show American Baking Competition. It's one of the few shows on television in which I enjoy. There are 2 or 3 Southerners on the show. Effie and Francine are my favorites. I like Elaine as well, but I'm not sure if she's southern. Well, the first week Francine made a bacon, chocolate, and peanut butter pie. That. Sounds. So. Good! 

This morning my husband made his weekly gluten free chocolate chip pancakes. I requested pork bacon while N and M ate turkey bacon. I still can't jump on that part of the healthy eating bandwagon. I'll eat my pork in small quantities less frequently, thank you very much. See, I'm southern. Sweet and salty combined is perfection in the kitchen. 

I've also begun to enjoy Publix sweet black and green teas. A few weeks ago they were BOGO and I was reintroduced to its goodness. Their cupcakes are beyond. 

This morning I was disappointed in my iPhone...literally my lifeline to the outside world. I tweeted the word lawd and my iPhone tried to autocorrect it. That's when I realized that my iPhone is not, nor does it understand, Southern speak. That is sad. 

I consider myself somewhat intelligent. I'm no Sheldon Cooper, but I'm widely read and keep up with current events. However, I say y'all, likedta, lawd, and other Southern terminology. As a Southerner I know that Boo Radley is a hero and that double sided tape will hold your swimsuit down but don't get it wet. We ain't stupid, y'all. ;D

This list is quite true:

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