04 July 2013

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a joyous Independence Day! Ours is a bit different this year. We usually spend this week with our family in Ohio. Because of my back surgery, I am not able to travel the 10 hours it takes to go. Unfortunately it is raining here in Georgia as well. So, we have completely changed our plans. I'm making the sides for supper while my husband will be flipping the burgers. We are watching a Hallmark Channel movie. AND, I am reading the Declaration of Independence around the dinner table! Since we are home, we can focus more on what this day is about-our freedom from English rule.

I'm making these dishes:
Pioneer Woman's baked beans
Pioneer Woman's peach crisp
Oven baked corn on the cob
Lemon Icebox Pie (tomorrow when we have company)
Publix macaroni salad
Hamburgers with fixings

Whatever y'all are doing, I hope it's fun! God bless America!

This picture is a sweet picture of my in-laws (if you recall, my MIL passed in May) with all of their grandchildren about 12 years ago. 

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