18 August 2013

Menu Plan Monday

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With a new school year beginning, I thought it was time to get more organized. I spent a lot of time today going through papers, making lesson plans, and doing many loads of laundry. Tonight, I decided it's time to get back to menu planning. It's so easy for me to do it here and have everything ready to go for the week. This is to share for y'all, but also to keep me accountable! It's still really warm so I only have 1 meal that will be in the oven (salmon). The garlic chicken will be in the slow cooker. Okay, and I'll admit, that I am using Trader Joe's sauces over the chicken. This is just my dinners for the week. I cheat with breakfasts as we do frozen breakfast sandwiches. Lunches are pasta; sandwiches; hot dogs; or sandwiches.

Sunday- Risotto with peas; salad; pudding

Monday- Garlic chicken; broccoli; jello salad

Tuesday- Taco salad

Wednesday- Salmon with Pineapple glaze; couscous; peas

Thursday- Quinoa Greek pasta salad

Friday- Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries

Saturday- Thai chicken curry; rice; stir fry veggies

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