25 August 2013

Pinterest and Tumblr...

...has been consuming my downtime instead of blogging. Sorry! With school beginning I'm preparing, teaching my sophomore, cooking, and cleaning. So, instead of putting my brain towards what I want to write, I go brainless and peruse Pinterest and Tumblr. Now with Pinterest, I am quite possibly going to find a recipe to try or craft that may peak my interest, so it is at least a little productive. That cannot be said of tumblr. Though my healthy living Tumblr is quite inspiring (and has loads of Duck Dynasty pictures). My lifestyle one is just fluff that I can look at while the rest of the family stares at the Telly. 

I'm typing this on my phone so I cannot do the links. Here are where you can find me:
Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/vintagewasp 
Tumblr: http://vintagewasp.tumblr.com; http://healthywasp.tumblr.com

Here are a few pictures. 

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