13 August 2013

Victoria Monogram

Melissa is an Assistant Editor at Victoria Magazine. I have been a Victoria reader since it's inception in the late 1980's as Muzzie was an early subscriber. I've had my own subscription since middle school. Even though I am a subscriber, Victoria has several additional/supplemental editions such as Tea Time, Gardening, and now, Monograms! When I saw that Melissa was having a giveaway for the new Monograms magazine, I was very hopeful that I would win. It's something to occupy my time while being down with back surgery and a virus the last week. You can imagine my thrill when I found out last week that I had indeed won. It arrived in my mail last week. She wrote a nice handwritten note (y'all know how fond I am of those) wishing me speedy recovery. 

Thank you, Melissa, for having the drawing, picking me, and the speedy mailing. The magazine is quite beautiful!

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