03 September 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Lee

This is Elizabeth Lee, Muzzie to everyone else. Muzzie was the name she came up with for her grandchildren to call her as she was a young grandmother and there was NO WAY that she was going to be called Grandma, Granny, Nana, etc. That may give you a little indication of Muzzie's character. She is a character. She's told me many times, "Suzie (she hates my first name and calls me by my middle name), I need to write a book. I've got a lot to share. Maybe someday you can help me". Well, unfortunately, with living so many miles apart that never happened. Dementia has ravaged her mind and many days she will not get out of bed. So far when I call, Muzzie always recognizes me. The last time I was up there she recognized my voice but couldn't open her eyes as she had been up for days roaming the halls of her beautiful assisted living facility. Though when I told her I loved her, she said, "I love you too pumpkin".
Look at that bland, disgusting food that she is served. Ewww!

I do hope to write that book for her someday. I think a person that has been married 5 times to 4 different men and raised 10 children, including stepchildren, has a story to tell. It's a good story too. Muzzie is a generous, well-dressed, tempermental, loving, independent, Christian lady. Her 92nd birthday was last weekend. I had hoped to attend her party, but was unable. Still, I know deep down in her heart that she is fully aware that she and my Nana are my heroes. I'm blessed to be their granddaughter.  


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