15 October 2013


I have not participated in this since leaving my old blog, The Old-Fashioned Homekeeper. I was looking at some of the photos from my old blog (cute one's of the children) and found it. After making sure Heavenly Homemakers was still participating, I decided to post again. It's so important, whether you believe in Christianity or not, to be thankful...be grateful.

The news is full of bad, well, news about our government. I'll tell you what. I don't care. Yes, I'll care if we go under, but I don't want to hear anything about which side everyone's taking. I don't care to hear blaming-only solutions. On Thursday, we could lose our credit rating. China and Japan can cash in their bonds and we would be bankrupt. That would be devastating! But, I've thought about it. My family will survive just fine. Yes, money will be scarce. But we will go up to my FIL's farm and live a-ok. We will go without, but material things won't matter. His house is paid for. We have some savings left. He has a large garden and we can get some farm animals. My prescriptions will be mainly what we will have to pay for. God will provide. I'm grateful to know that if there is a catastrophe that we have somewhere to go. We will be okay. Better than okay in many ways. Going out into the country may be a blessing after living in a large metropolitan city. We will be in close proximity to his family and much closer to mine. So, yes, the government may collapse and there may be mayhem, but overall we will be okay.

What are you grateful for today?

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