21 October 2013

I said goodbye

Today I did something I never thought I would ever do. I took off ALL scheduled and already recorded Food Network shows. Yep. No Ina. No more Food Network Star. No more Pioneer Woman. No more Giada. I bid them all farewell. Y'all, this is BIG for me. I've slowly lost my love for them as the network has seemed to be about creating stars than creating something I can serve my family for dinner. For instance Giada used to have a show called Everyday Italian and that's exactly what it was about-simple Italian food that isn't fancy- Basic Risotto, pasta sauces, anti pasta platters, etcetera. Now she makes such complicated recipes that are not for everyday. 

On Saturday morning, my DVR records all of the new shows plus a few PBS cooking shows such as Americas Test Kitchen. We go to church on Sunday afternoons so I typically spend that entire morning being entertained by cooks that I will more than likely not make their foods. It has been months since I have made anything from a Food Network star. Now, I will still watch the 3 PBS cooking shows because they're not about fame, but about teaching me how to cook. Plus, I adore Christopher Kimball's bow ties. 

So, if y'all watch Food Network and think there may be a dish I would like, please tweet me or leave a comment. Or, just leave a comment saying hi. I enjoy them. Thanks for reading. Pray I don't have withdrawals. :)


  1. I haven't been watching much Food Network recently, but I made these pumpkin muffins and they turned out darned good!

    xoxo Caroline

  2. Those sound yummy Caroline!

  3. Watching a cooking show makes me hungry - especially the two shows my son and I watched together with the Cake Boss. I love cake. The Cake Boss made me laugh because I was brought up in New Jersey and my Italian relatives talk very NJ. I've retained a bit of the accent, so I've been told.
    What I like to get encouragement in, is veggies and soups.
    But, I guess I'm old fashioned because I still buy and read cookbooks or take them out of the library.

  4. I take them out at the library as well, Karen, but watching Food Network, I found, was not teaching me anything. Learning about vegetables is a thrill of mine too.


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