17 October 2013

TV Rant and soap

This post may be a little weird. This is seriously how my mind works. I will spare you of it's crevices, but know it is complex yet entertaining.

First, let me get on my soapbox about television. Yep, that box of entertainment. I grew up as the tv as my babysitter. Both of my parents worked and my sister is much older than me. So, other than reading, playing kickball with my neighbors, and being with my grandmothers, I was watching tv. We had The Cosby Show, Designing Women, and children's shows were actually for children. My middle child and I have been watching some of the new sitcoms. They are horrible!! Not just morally, they are literally poorly written, uncreative, and mostly, unintelligent. I'm saddened that The Walking Dead and all of it's gruesomeness is the #2 show, ironically, after Duck Dynasty. DD, Cedar Cove, and The Middle are the only 3 shows on network and basic cable that I can actually recommend. So, there ya go. What are your favorite shows this fall?

 Now for the second part. Williams-Sonoma produces some of the best quality soaps, lotions, and cleaners. Every fall/winter they put out my favorite, spiced chestnut. It is what fall is supposed to smell like. The scents last long after you've washed your hands. This is one of my tricks of getting my kids to wash their hands. This, and yummy smelling anti-bacterial gel from Bath and Body Works.


  1. Ha! Yes, I record a lot of the old sitcoms and just bypass the current lineup. I've actually been watching a lot of Home Improvement since Hallmark picked it up.
    xoxo Caroline

  2. This is why you're one of my besties.


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