28 October 2013


It's not a secret that I have battled with my weight since giving birth to my first son 15 years ago. I have been pregnant 6 times. With those pregnancies and subsequent losses (5), 6 ankle surgeries, and 3 back surgeries, my weight has been up and down. I've done every diet known to man including Atkins, hcg, juice cleanses, etc.

Two years ago I lost 30 pounds with hcg. After eating more than 500 calories I slowly gained the weight back. Atkins did the best but again, once I resumed to normal food I gained all back plus some. On May 7th I had a back fusion. It was a disaster. I have little feeling in my left foot and no feeling in my right. Since then I have lost over 40 pounds. Without dieting, eating pizza, without exercise, and without stimulants. 

How you ask? I eat at home. No more Dunkin Donut stops every morning for iced coffee and 2 creme filled donuts. No getting the kids and myself lunch from fast food. I stopped emotional eating. I ask myself if I'm truly hungry before eating anything. Most of all, I have developed a hiatal hernia and gastritis. This keeps me from being able to eat much food as my digestion is incredibly slow. 

I hope to lose more once I'm cleared to begin exercising. The first picture is from February (I'm in green). The second was from this morning (sans makeup, sorry). My aunt requested a picture and I didn't worry about makeup as I would put it on in the car. I shared the picture on Instagram and Facebook. 


  1. Eating out can cause indigestion. And I heard that it isn't what you eat that makes you healthy but what you digest. The bad oils in all the restaurant food adds non-nutritive calories. It sounds like you made a good decision for your health as well as your concerns about weight. Good for you.

    But . . . why do so many women wish to get rid of their hour glass figures? Will it always be in fashion to be a Twiggy?

  2. There's no chance of my being Twiggy! :)


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