25 November 2013


I'm going to be AWOL another week. I've been in quite a bit of pain. Reading and writing are not happening very much. I'm still following along on Instagram and tumblr for #30daysofthankfulness. Check them out and if you're playing along, please share. 

My birthday is rapidly advancing. I'm both dreading it as it's another year closer to 40. At 40, children automatically consider you old. :) Yet, I'm very blessed that God has seen fit to keep me alive. 

No school or work for a week. A needed break. My homeschooler has to take 1 quiz but considering how little work he has done since my surgery, he can't complain. 

Christmas is in 29 days! Yay! I'm so excited! It's my favorite time of year! 

Y'all be safe this week as you travel to your friends and relations. I hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. 

The doctor said my pain should be much less in another week or 2. I hope to be back next week. Take care!

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