08 November 2013

It's Friday?!

When did Friday get here? This week has been so busy, for which I'm grateful, but also of the realization that this year is going by way. too. fast. Here's what has been going on in Farrah's world (yes, I'm aware that I just wrote that in the third person):

  • I've begun driving again. This is so freeing! When I turned 16, I distinctly remember learning to drive and having the freedom that driving gave. I didn't drive for 6 months after my surgery that left my feet numb. I just decided that I have to try and was able to so I have been driving nearly every day.
  • This week brought physical therapy. I finally am able to start physical therapy on my back. 
  • This month I have been doing the 30 day thankful challenge on Facebook, Instagram, and my Tumblr. Feel free to follow along. I put the picture of whom/what I am grateful for then from there apply it to Tumblr and Facebook.
  • My stepdaughter has strep, but thanks to amoxicilin, she is much improved.
  • Researching schools to go back and get my master's in education.
  • Reading the Christmas catalogs that have been arriving daily. I LOVE catalog shopping. I catalog shop then purchase online. When I was a girl, the days we would receive L.L. Bean and JCPenney's catalogs were my favorite.
This is a small list in addition to my typical mommy/wife duties, homekeeping, teaching, etc. I'm ready for a Hallmark movie and to rest tonight. Have a great weekend!

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