09 December 2013

Christmas Traditions

 As a Southerner, traditions are deeply rooted in our very inner beings. You ask your Mother why is it necessary to have oyster dressing (stuffing) at Thanksgiving (hello, I'm allergic) and she will respond, "because, Farrah Suzanne, (2 names are always used here and deserves it's own post why) our family has been making it this way for generations." That's all it takes...many generations to do something. I love traditions. It's so comforting. When I married my husband, I had a nearly instant family as he has two children and we soon after marrying had one together. Our family has traditions that have come from my family, his family, and some we've done together.

  • Decorate the tree the weekend after we get home from Ohio for Thanksgiving.
  • Go to various places to see Christmas lights. My two favorites are Callaway Gardens (we are going this week) and Southern Lights. Sadly, I don't think my two oldest will be going with us this year because of work. Thank the Lord I still have one at home that I can force to go. ;)
  • Lighting of the Tree ceremony in our town. The children used to go to Secret Santa after the lighting to buy gifts for each other and us. They usually did pretty good at picking stuff out.
  • Caroling in the square with hot cocoa.
  • (Not every year but often) we tour historical homes. For instance we went to Colonial Williamsburg one year. Madison, GA another year, and our own town's historical homes several years at Christmas. I'm hoping to talk my husband into going to Charlotte to do another tour.
  • We always go to Stone Mountain's Christmas celebration-an Atlanta tradition.
  • Of course we bake and decorate Christmas cookies. This year I am making my dearly missed MIL's Buckeye candy...wish me luck.
  •  We never miss our church Christmas program.
  • On Christmas Eve every single year we open Christmas pajamas. My paternal grandparent's started this tradition then passed to my parents and my sister and I both continue with our family's.
  • After the pajamas we watch "The Nativity Story" and eat junky appetizers for dinner. Shrimp is their favorite...again, allergic. I eat massive amounts of mozzarella cheese sticks! Yum! 
  • Christmas morning the children must let us sleep until 9. We are mean do not put out our presents until then. We have teenagers so we don't do Santa. (Have you read my Santa rant?)
  • We open presents and then I put in sausage balls and chocolate croissants in the oven. 
  • The rest of the day is enjoying presents, playing games, and having "A Christmas Story" on in the background. I make steak, baked potatoes, and salad for dinner. We don't eat steak but twice a year so it's special.
The last 4 years have kept us at home, but this year we may finally be able to go visit my family in Kentucky. If that's the case, we will do everything the same on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas morning my parents make a big breakfast (my father's Velveeta cheesy eggs are TDF-we normally wouldn't be caught dead with Velveeta as it may kill us in the end) after we open presents then we go to my grandmothers houses after. They are 92 and 94 so we don't know how many more Christmases they will have left. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Those are our traditions. What are yours?

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