03 January 2014

who am i?

This month is my two year anniversary for this blog. I've been blogging for about a decade, but for various reasons those blogs have been shut down. I'm excited that this blog has been going on this long. I've had several identity crisises on here. For instance, the title has changed three times just for this site! I've recently returned to my favorite title, which is The Old-Fashioned Homekeeper. I still like Vintage WASP, but that is just a small part of who I am. TOFH is truly who I am, but in WASP typed clothing.

My husband and I are embarking upon the possibilities of us both being in school this year. He is probably going to go to PA school and I'm deciding upon paralegal and teaching. We've been doing Meyers-Briggs tests (B has also completed IDAK) to find out what is best suited for us. I am an ENFP. Fashion is still perfect for me, but because of health reasons I'm not able to stand on my feet. We've been talking about other ways of utilizing my fashion marketing degree. He mentioned owning a store and an online shop. B asked what kind of store I would want, thinking the obvious would be Lilly Pulitzer, but I said an old-fashioned general store
I love the thought of having vintage clothes, antiques, a soda fountain, old fashioned wooden toys, aprons, transfer ware dishes, Southern cookbooks, etc. We live in a town that has an historic area and I think it would work out perfectly there. I just don't know about spending tons of time in a store; my youngest is still a teenager.

Where is this leading to? I'm thrilled to take this blog back into the old-fashioned direction as before. I plan on spending more time on how to dress modestly while looking cute, grandmothers recipes, wisdom of the old, and there will still be some preppy items. Maybe this will help me figure out what I want to do when I grow up!

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