27 February 2014

Ivanka Trump's Day

(Joseph and Arabella, Trump's 2 children)

Ivanka, Donald Trump's oldest daughter, seems to be a lovely person. I'm amazed by her productiveness with such little sleep. I'm a baby without sleep. Check out her daily schedule:

I really need to get up earlier. 

For more Ivanka Trump inspiration, go to her blog

26 February 2014

Denver Days 3-5

The biggest cotton ball ever. Do y'all notice the teeny tiny Boeing on the bottom left of the cloud? The sky is beautiful in Denver.

On the 3rd day, we continued working on the database for most of the day. We went to lunch at a sports bar in the hotel. Afterwards we went back to the room to rest for a bit then went to a fancy Italian Restaurant for dinner with the doctors and teachers from the university. I had the creamiest fettucine alfredo. Afterwards we came back to the hotel. B went to Dr. Einstein's (yes, cousin of Albert) room for some wine and conversation while I showered and climbed into bed with my iPad, where I proceeded to watch: 
After the movie and husband coming back, we went to sleep for the night.

On the 4th day, we had finished our work so B and I rented an SUV and headed North up Mt. Evans. It was such a wonderful, yet scary, time. We were terrified on the way up as the road was a solid sheet of ice up until we were not able to go any further as the road was closed! Here's the pictures from that part of the day trip: 
On the way down off of the mountain, we stopped at Buffalo Bill's Museum and Grave. At first I'll admit that I forgot who Buffalo Bill was until I saw the poster of Annie Oakley and then I thought, DUH! 
This is the overlook called, Lookout Mountain:
(That's Denver in the background. I don't know about y'all but I had no idea that Denver was so flat until we were decending from the air in the airplane.)

We drove thru Idaho Springs, CO, which is an old gold mining town. It looks like something out of an old western:
We then stopped at Red Rocks Park. We were driving I-70 and pulled off the exit wondering how long we will have to go to get to these rocks. We saw the Stegasaurus Mountain
As you can see the tops look like the tops of a Stegasaurus. After we passed these cool ridges, we turned a corner and ran smack into the Red Rocks. There you'll find an ampitheater where supposedly the acoustics are far superior to anywhere else in the U.S.:
Afterwards we drove back to our hotel to dress for dinner. We met our new boss at the Italian restaurant that we went to the previous night. That night (and the next morning) I had delicious homemade pizza. The administrator of the school, B, and I went over our contract. B and I had some changes and hopefully they will accept and soon I will be employed as an alumni specialist! That will be such a blessing to our family. I'll keep y'all updated.

We flew home on Sunday and it was a better trip on the way to Denver, but we had to get up super early to catch the shuttle. We were in a daze! I have to say that upon getting off of MARTA, we used Uber taxi service, and it was such a delight. I highly recommend them. If you want to use Uber, feel free to use my code: fjqpo.

Yesterday and today I have been playing catch up with laundry, school, errands, groceries, etc. What have you been up to?

20 February 2014

Denver Days 1 & 2

My husband and I left our warm Atlanta weather for a short visit to Denver. It's cold in Denver...really cold. The wind is ferocious! We had a crazy time getting here yesterday. We got up at 5:30 and had a quick breakfast and gathering our last minute items (cell phones, chargers, and cosmetics), and then a taxi picked us up. This guy was not very happy. Maybe because it was 6am. My husband said hello to him and he did not respond. Then, he drove over 60mph in a 35. He had the incorrect address on his gps, well, he tried to tell him that he was going to the wrong MARTA (our subway system). He began cursing in spanish and hitting the wheel. B and I were actually scared as we were trapped with him. After he dropped us off he took off like a crazy man! Needless to say, I cannot recommend Style Taxi Company in Atlanta.

After we got on MARTA, it was easy, but took about 1.5 hours to get downtown (30-35 minutes by car). We didn't want to pay for parking so that's why we took MARTA. It was actually fun in a way. You'll find a wide variety of people. This couple in their 50's got on and as he got up to get off at his stop, he gave his wife's hand a kiss. So sweet!

We finally arrived at the airport and were practically running. I had my iphone in my bag, so I wasn't sure of the time. On the train, B started saying that we are really late and that we lost an hour somehow. He was in a tizzy that we were going to miss our flight. The security line was SO long he just knew we weren't going to make it. So, we got out of the line and were headed to the check in people when I got out my phone and noticed the time, 7:47. He never turned his watch back! He rarely uses it, so he didn't realize he never turned it when DST ended. Haha! We were so happy to realize we had not missed our 8:50 flight at all. So, back to the security line we go. We get to our gate and they had started boarding. After a 45 minute flight we landed in Charlotte. I was beginning to get a bit hungry and sleepy. I didn't want Starbucks as it sometimes hurts my stomach and we had a long day ahead so I went to Bojangles since I like biscuits and Mt. Dew. 

We finally get on the plane for Denver. It's about a 4 hour flight. I was disappointed to find out that on US Airways, you have to pay for wifi. I'm exhausted and nauseated and really just wanted to watch "You Got Mail", but not enough to pay for it. I did however, spend the time looking at Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen. It's a sweet book with good looking recipes. I'd glanced at it when I got it in November, but now that I have my handy dandy iPad, it was funner to read.

(My surgically altered ankle after running yesterday and having it down all day.)
Once we arrived, the hotel shuttle was not in the location as stated. So, we had to go to another part and was rushing to get there. Once we got to the hotel, we just wanted to eat, jacuzzi, and sleep. We had burgers at Ruby Tuesday's, got in the whirpool, showered, and crashed. 

Day 2 has gone much better. After 10 hours of sleeping, we got up to find snow on the grown and then proceeded to get fixed up. At 10am we met with the possible employer. This is at a university, where B is currently working to obtain his MBA. They were wanting him to handle fundraising from an alumni and help find internships for graduate students in exchange for having his tuition paid and a portion of the money brought in from the fundraising. They've added more responsibilities that were not mentioned in their initial conversation, so I'm not sure how this is going to work. Today we were to spend the day making the database of alumni, thinking that it would take all day...I did it in 3 hours (toot toot). The administrator was pretty impressed. So, the Business Administrator for the school took us to lunch and after a lengthy conversation, brought us back to the hotel. We were unable to get a car as we thought since we were going to have this extra time we may as well go downtown. It's windy and freezing so a car is a must! Except, there's no rental cars to be found. So, we are going to watch a movie and last night's Duck Dynasty on my iPad, go back to the jacuzzi, and get to bed early. 
(We saw about 500 geese flying yesterday in the V formation. I'm not sure of their direction, but since it was 74 degrees in Atlanta today, I'd guess South.)

Tomorrow we see the possible rental house, tour the school, and meet the head guy for dinner. I'm praying that God will help the school as well as B and I make the best decision for our family. 

19 February 2014

Cookbooks from the library

Once upon a time I would check out library books and spend copious amounts of time and money photocopying the recipes I wanted. Then, last week I had an idea; why not just take a picture of the recipe with my phone then I could use it or my iPad to make the recipe. If it turned out then I could copy it on my index card!

15 February 2014

French Women Don't Get Facelifts Review

I have been a huge fan of all the "French Women Don't Get Fat" series as well as Mrs. Guiliano's business book for women. I enjoy her writing style and re-read her best seller every year as a reminder of how French women maintain their figures. I truly think asking myself, after my third bite, if I enjoy the taste and if I'm full. More often than not I catch myself eating because it's good more than hunger. This book is another no nonsense but practical ways of looking and feeling youthful. Though I am a few years younger than her target age, learning what to do, such as moisturize religiously and drink massive amounts if water, are things I can do now for prevention. 

I apologize for the sideways page. It was the correct way on my photo stream. This, and the next 3 pictures are questions to ask yourself. They are all important assessments. The first question, " what does my appearance say to people I meet?", has made me think of one of my main goals...taking care of my appearance. Leaving the house with long, tangled hair and no makeup leaders to a sister wives feel. Like I just don't care. 

In "French Women Don't Get Facelifts", I learn that as people age, we need less food. Our metabolism a are not like those in our teens. So, cutting portions will help your waistline as well as living longer!

Since my 4 surgeries last year, my local friends and i are not that close. I have friends that I stay in contact with online all over the country and Europe. But, I do not have a local network of friends to count on like I did a few years ago. This is sad, but sometimes that happens when home bound. I need to work on this now that I am more mobile. I think volunteering is a good first stop. Do you have a good, local network of friends?

This section is about style. As a fashion major, this was my favorite chapter. Mrs. Guiliano writes of dressing for ones age some; it may be best to wrap up saggy arms and ditch the bikini. However, she devotes much to style. Style is one's individual taste that is tastefully done. If tattoos are your thing, go for it, but it needs to be tastefully done and displayed unoffensively.  Your body type and skin tone plays a role in what looks good on you. No matter what, one should look elegant, that is the French way!

I added this for my daughter. She is all about hair. All parts of your body should be nourished!

Like I said in the beginning, I learned most about water and moisturizer. I've been moisturizing every day and I can tell a difference in my skin. I'm still not as good as I should be about water, but I'm adding fruits and mint to make it a bit more appetizing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you are near or aged 40, I highly recommend it. 

14 February 2014

I do...

16 years ago I said "I do" to my valentine. It was my best decision ever. 

This picture is from my college graduation in 2002. 

07 February 2014

Friday Five Beauty Edition

If you recall, one of my New Year's Goals is to spend time on my appearance..namely my hair, skin, makeup, nails, and clothes. I'm doing a little better, but not great on that front. I'm still not painting my nails as intended, but I'm wearing more than nightgowns as I'm able to get out of the house. I don't really wear much makeup, but I do at least put on lip-gloss and sunglasses.

In December I went to the dermatologist and they said that I have rosacea. It's quite frankly not a surprise as my mother and several of my cousins have it. I've found a great cleanser and moisturizer that work fairly well, Aveeno Ultra-Calming. I'm going to try the Clinique Redness Solutions line as I need a foundation and may try out samples of the skincare as well. I've been working hard on remembering to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! And drink water!

I've been trying out some new shampoo, but after researching I am not washing my hair but every 3 days. So, on the second/third day I thought I may need some dry shampoo. Again, I'm using Aveeno, but have found out that the Bumble + Bumble is the best. I'm also using a extreme moisturizing shampoo that is sulfate free.

I'm wanting to go to drybar to get a blowout. I hate spending money on myself but I think getting a haircut and possibly a blow out would be nice.

Last, my makeup. My makeup is whatever I can get for free from CVS but I'm head over heels into Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. It's a rosy bronze neutral eye shadow palette, which is perfect as I am a summer. This, a little bronzer, mascara, foundation for skin tone unevenness (when necessary), and Burt's Bees lip shimmers are all I would need.

Bonus: I'm ready for spring, and read that St. Tropez is the best self-tanner.

05 February 2014

1949 Sewing Advice

"Have your hair in order, powder, and put lipstick on. If you are constantly fearful that a visitor will drop in or your husband will come home, and you will not look neatly put together, you will not enjoy your sewing."


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