26 February 2014

Denver Days 3-5

The biggest cotton ball ever. Do y'all notice the teeny tiny Boeing on the bottom left of the cloud? The sky is beautiful in Denver.

On the 3rd day, we continued working on the database for most of the day. We went to lunch at a sports bar in the hotel. Afterwards we went back to the room to rest for a bit then went to a fancy Italian Restaurant for dinner with the doctors and teachers from the university. I had the creamiest fettucine alfredo. Afterwards we came back to the hotel. B went to Dr. Einstein's (yes, cousin of Albert) room for some wine and conversation while I showered and climbed into bed with my iPad, where I proceeded to watch: 
After the movie and husband coming back, we went to sleep for the night.

On the 4th day, we had finished our work so B and I rented an SUV and headed North up Mt. Evans. It was such a wonderful, yet scary, time. We were terrified on the way up as the road was a solid sheet of ice up until we were not able to go any further as the road was closed! Here's the pictures from that part of the day trip: 
On the way down off of the mountain, we stopped at Buffalo Bill's Museum and Grave. At first I'll admit that I forgot who Buffalo Bill was until I saw the poster of Annie Oakley and then I thought, DUH! 
This is the overlook called, Lookout Mountain:
(That's Denver in the background. I don't know about y'all but I had no idea that Denver was so flat until we were decending from the air in the airplane.)

We drove thru Idaho Springs, CO, which is an old gold mining town. It looks like something out of an old western:
We then stopped at Red Rocks Park. We were driving I-70 and pulled off the exit wondering how long we will have to go to get to these rocks. We saw the Stegasaurus Mountain
As you can see the tops look like the tops of a Stegasaurus. After we passed these cool ridges, we turned a corner and ran smack into the Red Rocks. There you'll find an ampitheater where supposedly the acoustics are far superior to anywhere else in the U.S.:
Afterwards we drove back to our hotel to dress for dinner. We met our new boss at the Italian restaurant that we went to the previous night. That night (and the next morning) I had delicious homemade pizza. The administrator of the school, B, and I went over our contract. B and I had some changes and hopefully they will accept and soon I will be employed as an alumni specialist! That will be such a blessing to our family. I'll keep y'all updated.

We flew home on Sunday and it was a better trip on the way to Denver, but we had to get up super early to catch the shuttle. We were in a daze! I have to say that upon getting off of MARTA, we used Uber taxi service, and it was such a delight. I highly recommend them. If you want to use Uber, feel free to use my code: fjqpo.

Yesterday and today I have been playing catch up with laundry, school, errands, groceries, etc. What have you been up to?

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