15 February 2014

French Women Don't Get Facelifts Review

I have been a huge fan of all the "French Women Don't Get Fat" series as well as Mrs. Guiliano's business book for women. I enjoy her writing style and re-read her best seller every year as a reminder of how French women maintain their figures. I truly think asking myself, after my third bite, if I enjoy the taste and if I'm full. More often than not I catch myself eating because it's good more than hunger. This book is another no nonsense but practical ways of looking and feeling youthful. Though I am a few years younger than her target age, learning what to do, such as moisturize religiously and drink massive amounts if water, are things I can do now for prevention. 

I apologize for the sideways page. It was the correct way on my photo stream. This, and the next 3 pictures are questions to ask yourself. They are all important assessments. The first question, " what does my appearance say to people I meet?", has made me think of one of my main goals...taking care of my appearance. Leaving the house with long, tangled hair and no makeup leaders to a sister wives feel. Like I just don't care. 

In "French Women Don't Get Facelifts", I learn that as people age, we need less food. Our metabolism a are not like those in our teens. So, cutting portions will help your waistline as well as living longer!

Since my 4 surgeries last year, my local friends and i are not that close. I have friends that I stay in contact with online all over the country and Europe. But, I do not have a local network of friends to count on like I did a few years ago. This is sad, but sometimes that happens when home bound. I need to work on this now that I am more mobile. I think volunteering is a good first stop. Do you have a good, local network of friends?

This section is about style. As a fashion major, this was my favorite chapter. Mrs. Guiliano writes of dressing for ones age some; it may be best to wrap up saggy arms and ditch the bikini. However, she devotes much to style. Style is one's individual taste that is tastefully done. If tattoos are your thing, go for it, but it needs to be tastefully done and displayed unoffensively.  Your body type and skin tone plays a role in what looks good on you. No matter what, one should look elegant, that is the French way!

I added this for my daughter. She is all about hair. All parts of your body should be nourished!

Like I said in the beginning, I learned most about water and moisturizer. I've been moisturizing every day and I can tell a difference in my skin. I'm still not as good as I should be about water, but I'm adding fruits and mint to make it a bit more appetizing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you are near or aged 40, I highly recommend it. 


  1. I can sympathize with how long it can take to establish a small network of friends. It can't be rushed.

    It is interesting to see how this (still young yet) French woman views life and health. The natural approach seems sensible.

    I've been wearing more gray/cranberry tones since my hair is no longer the brown it once was. "Style" needs thought. What adds to the difficulty I find, is that what I like isn't so readily sold on the racks. Consequently I have two skirt projects lined up by the sewing machine. Although sewing isn't my forte, I'd like to make a peasant top, too, with elastic/ruffle at the short sleeves. I'm reverting back to the 1970s of my youth, I suppose. The Man-of-the-House doesn't mind. He's nostalgic. Lucky for me.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I wondered if I 'needed' this book. I do. I will be 63 in July and am truly the best I have ever been. At 30, I was probably 50% of my potential; at 40, even less. When I turned 55, I realized I had to take drastic measures. I lost 1/2 my body weight, began walking (which lead to running), QUIT coloring my hair and started paying attention to MY style and leading a healthy life style.

    I lost my 53 year old husband very suddenly in October of that year (yes, he was much younger than I) and I do believe it was my lifestyle AND FAITH that got me through that!

    Still hanging in there, recently remarried and loving being alive...

    I adore your outlook, miss you when you are not blogging and pray for your health. You have such inner beauty, it bursts out in your smile.

    Keep on keeping on...and thanks for the review,I'm hoping I can get this book on my kindle!



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