06 March 2014

Down Home

Listen to this while reading my post.

It's not often that I am homesick. Atlanta has been my home for as long as I ever lived in Kentucky, so I this is my home, however, as my aunt said recently, "once a Kentucky girl, always a Kentucky girl". She's right. I think because of my Papaw passing a few months ago, I've been thinking more of my childhood. Last week we had to rent a car and all they had was a Chevy Captiva (SUV). As long as I can remember, my grandfather has driven Chevy trucks. Their turning signal, which I call blinker ;), has an unmistakable loud sound. All of the sudden I was driving Papaw's cherry red truck. I started crying on I-400!

I only drove his truck once as he and Father were pulling a tree stump out of the ground from a tree that had come down during one of the frequent tornadoes of my childhood. I was about 12 and had to push on the gas while they held the chains around the stump. 

Then, I felt homesick. I missed the small town I grew up in. I missed my Papaw's bear hugs. I missed seeing people I knew (this only happens in Atlanta when planned or if you belong to the same club). I missed my grandmothers, parents, sister, and cousins. I missed driving on back roads. They've had a ton of snow this year so I missed making snow angels, snowmen, and using the kerosene heater where Mother would make Spaghetti-O's after the power would go out. The ice we've had is not fun like snow. It's highly doubtful that we'll ever move to the country, but I hope someday.

I'm having withdrawals from Twitter and Facebook, as I thought, but I didn't think my not being connected to everyone at home would make me homesick. I'll be fine, and I apologize for this morose post, but honestly, this is what's in my mind and heart today. I need some biscuits and gravy like I used to get at Dairy Queen.

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