20 March 2014

Happy Spring and a Sweet 16!

16 years ago, this little baby was placed in my arms. I was in disbelief that God had given me this tiny human to raise. I was not married to his father when William was conceived (we married before he was born), and his being conceived was a big mess. I was in college, 400 miles away from my parents that were shocked and disappointed in me, and sick. I had morning sickness all day every day for months. My now husband was going through a custody issue with his ex and it was all just so. much. drama. God knew that this unwed girl (that had not held but one baby before him) could raise this wonderful young man. 

Soon he will be taking his permit test and dating. Although his beginning (he was a preemie) was a bit difficult, he is a strong and healthy boy that makes everyone proud. 
So, with my baby being born on the first day of Spring, you can imagine how happy this day makes me with just that reason! Now add the fact that winter is over! Yippee! Even though I don't live in a Northern climate, we haven't had it easy here in the South either. Ice storm that we weren't prepared for. Snow that we were prepared for. And just general cold weather. With Spring Equinox, we may still have some cool weather here and there, but soon it will be warm. I'll enjoy the few weeks we have of Spring before we dive into the balmy Summer. I hope you do too.

Happy Spring!

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