04 March 2014

Lent 2014

Two years ago I began participating in Lent even though I am not a Catholic or Lutheran. I am a Protestant, or just plain Christian. So, why would you participate in Lent, you ask? Because. I spend way too much time doing anything but having conversations with God, or studying His word. I mean, my Creator gets a quick prayer of thanks and then me asking for help (for myself or others) instead of learning, really focusing on our conversations. So, I've participated in Lent as a time to focus on my relationship with Him, and it is wonderful after the first week or so.

The first year I gave up my time spent on social media. I mean, it's seriously substantial, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram alone. Last year I gave up fast food, sort of. I wasn't really good at that one. I've had several people tell me that they are giving up negativity and/or gossiping. One person said she was going to defriend people that did not boost her up. These are excellent, but I am a pretty positive person, and do not participate in much gossip so I don't think those are for me. My issue is spending time with Him not in myself.

So...I've decided to go back to giving up social media. I told my cousin, Elizabeth, this morning in a text that I literally wake up, pick up my phone on my nightstand, and check Twitter. If my husband is still sleeping, I will get up, get dressed, use the facilities (wash hands), then go to the living room and get on Twitter. Then Facebook. Then Instagram. Then I check my email. If I get up without checking my phone (except for text in case it's a child), and go to my bible study and focus on my relationship with Him. Maybe this year it will be a habit from here on out!

So, if you're reading this and are a Twitter or Facebook follower, I'll see you on April 20th! I'll still use Instagram in order to post pictures in each social media outlet and blog on here and my Tumblr if you want to talk to me.  

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