31 March 2014

when enough is enough

Illustration by Inslee.net

My poor husband is beat. He has been traveling almost non-stop for a month. On his days off from traveling he is working. I feel so bad for him and do my best to help by checking him into his flight, arranging shuttle, and in general doing everything around the house. This time last year he was unemployed and was here all of the time. Thankfully The Lord brought this opportunity for him to work, but he needs a break. He leaves tomorrow, once again, after just getting home yesterday, but will be home for a few weeks after he returns on Friday (his birthday). I asked him has he had enough? "No", he replied, "providing for my family means it's never enough for me to work after not providing enough for almost a year". That's my man!

My Nana was in the hospital a few weeks ago. Her heart is giving out and she needs a pacemaker. At 94, she doesn't want to endure the surgery, so she's back home, but has one of her 5 (living) children with her each day. Mom is nearly 70 herself and she's getting tired. I asked her what they're going to do about Nana. She said that they'll just go there each day and hope she gets her strength up. Nana refuses to go to her children's homes or the nursing home. So far they haven't said, enough is enough. You don't do that to your Momma.

My stepson has been in basic training since January. He graduated this past Saturday. He has more training to do so he's staying at the base for another 2 months (I think). That boy has given us fits like you've never seen and there's been times (twice) that we said he had to leave, but never ever would we give up on him. I'll pray for his safety forever. 

So, you don't say "enough is enough" to the things that matter...the people that matter. You put on your big girl panties and do what ya gotta do. 

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