14 April 2014

Easter Week

 Are y'all prepared for Easter? I bought candy with CVS deals over the last few weeks, but the children and my husband ate it all...yep, so now they do not have any candy, but I will have other things for their baskets. My children may be adults or near adult, but they still have baskets. I normally put something springy in there like Nerf guns, bubbles, etc. I also put in items from the christian bookstore, so they do not forget the real reason...Jesus' death and Resurrection. This year will have gift cards instead of Nerf guns. :)
 I have been menu planning for the week to include lighter foods. However, it is supposed to be a tad cooler and rain a few days this week so there is soup planned one day and meatloaf another, on the coldest, rainiest days (today and tomorrow). The other days are tuna patties with asparagus, Cape Cod salad, curry, and out for Easter Sunday to Cracker Barrel (our tradition).
I like Easter week. Not only is it a time to pray and reflect, it's also a time to feel free. Feel free as Jesus died for our sins, but also free from winter's wrath and the clothing and food that go with it. I hope y'all have a very blessed day Easter week!

**Images from my Tumblr page.

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  1. I like the artistic storybook illustrations on your dish of treats.
    The furry animals are so cute - especially the bunny.
    Yes, it freeing to receive His grace for our sins and be called His Beloved.


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