21 April 2014

Menu Plan Monday

We had a wonderful weekend (post to come), which includes some leftovers so I'll be working with those this week. My husband and daughter are doing the caveman diet (Paleo). I am not physically able to do so and my 16 year old doesn't need to lose a pound so we are not strict ourselves. I cannot have loaves of bread hanging around or anything so though I'm not strict, it isn't fair to eat a croissant in front of them ;). My husband and I have decided that if I need a sugary iced coffee or a sandwich then I will go out and buy them. (After our banana pudding is finished...oh my heavens it's TDF.)

Breakfast- Trader Joe's chocolate croissant and homemade sausage balls
Lunch- Cracker Barrel
Dinner- ham, green bean casserole (do not use cream of Campbell's...purchase, if possible, at Whole Foods), smashed potatoes, deviled eggs. banana pudding

Breakfast- Paleo Protein bars
Lunch- deviled eggs and potatoes
Dinner- black beans and rice and salad

Breakfast- overnight oats
Lunch- salad
Dinner- pea and ham salad and mashed potatoes

Breakfast- Paleo protein bars
Lunch- salad
Dinner- tuna patties and asparagus

Breakfast- eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch- salad
Dinner- quinoa and vegetable to be purchased at farmers market on Wednesday ;)

Breakfast- overnight oats
Lunch- smoothie
Dinner- polenta pizza

Brunch- fruit, cheesecake pancakes and bacon
Dinner- curry
Dessert- chia pudding...maybe

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