01 April 2014

My Stockpile

Alright, so I'm not going to show you pictures of my "stockpile" because they are not organized in one place. It's in various cabinets around the house, but suffice it to say, we have a stockpile. Thanks to Crystal, I've learned about "stockpiling" for a rainy day. When my husband lost his job, our rainy day, er, 9 months, began.

For years I took for granted that we had plenty of healthy foods, roof over our heads, my fast food addiction covered, vehicles and money to put gas in said vehicles. I would shop at Whole Foods twice a week plus mega hauls at Costco and Sam's at least once a week. I justified it by saying that we had the money and 3 growing children so it garnered spending $1000/mo on food. That's not including toiletries and cleaning supplies from Target/Walmart. Boy was a stupid! Yes, we had the money but we were also $110k in debt. Now, we are still in debt, but it took my husband losing his job to make me stop spending.

I began shopping for deals at CVS so that took care of our toiletries and some of our cleaning products. There is where the stockpiling began. I get all of our toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouthwash for free or nearly free. Our shampoos and razors are pretty inexpensive. I get my daughter's make up at a discount (I only buy when there's ECB's for Physician's Formula or Burt's Bee's). Most weeks they have discounts on some cleaning product. For instance, they had Buy 1 bottle of All detergent Get 2 free. I had 3 coupons so I paid $1 per bottle and so I got 6 bottles.

For our food, I began making more meatless meals. My son still protests so I make bacon to put on his salad on those nights. Nobody can protest to bacon! Still working on "Southernizing" quinoa as it's disgusting, but so far, no good. Also, we eat more chicken and I make tuna for the rest of the family frequently. Last month Costco had their wild caught tuna and salmon in cans on sale so I stocked up. I had to take away from my other stores, but since it was such a good deal I decided it's best to stock up. For all other goods we shop at Aldi. Now, I'm married to a food snob. I love to cook and it has to be natural ingredients; preferably locally grown. However, when you have little to no income coming in or you're trying to pay off debt, you have to decide if having locally sourced spinach is really worth the extra $4. I've decided that for this season of life, it's not. Aldi has begun carrying many organic items. Last week they had their grass fed beef for $4.50/lb. That's cheaper than Laura's Lean Beef and has a higher fat content so the burgers taste better. Sarah has a great video of her Aldi haul. You can eat well and inexpensively. Maybe I'll do another post to give more details.

Back to stockpiling. we stockpile canned goods and grains when possible. I do the same for meat when it's on sale and freeze it. You have to if you don't want to be staring at your pantry and wondering what you're going to feed your family when there's nothing there and nothing in your bank account. Been there and done that, but will never do that again.

My husband is employed again, hallelujer, but we are still watching our budget and eating out very little. We've learned a lot. Let me know if you have any questions and though I'm not expert (Crystal is), I'll be happy to help.

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