29 May 2014


 Muzzie with a few of her great-grandchildren and 1 grandchild
Muzzie is my grandmother. This beautiful lady has passed away today. Outside of my parents, Muzzie and Miss Anna (nanny) raised me. Last week she had a bad fall at her nursing home that caused bleeding and swelling of the brain. She was not able to recover. According to my sister, she died peacefully after suffering a great deal. Though I'm saddened that I didn't make it to see her in time (my flight is at 7 tonight), I'm glad she is no longer suffering.
 Elizabeth Lee was as strong as the day is long. She would be as loving as anyone but would tear you up one side and down the other if she felt inclined. Once you were on her list, you were on it for awhile. Her mother and father married very young and had children quickly. Muzzie was the oldest and went to live with her grandparents during the Great Depression. She had to be strong to help with her younger siblings. She married and had children young as well. In her life she has buried four husband, a son, and a grandson. However, I always admired that strength. Her love of family, antiques, being thrifty, playing the piano, and most of all, Jesus. She loved Jesus so much. She would sit at the piano and play her hymns that she loved so much. After supper we would be around her as she played and we all sang Amazing Grace, Old Rugged Cross, and of course Jesus Loves Me for us grandchildren. Muzzie learned to play the piano as a young girl and played in churches for years.
 Muzzie's house
This is her lovely house. It was grand for Spencer County when it was built over 40 years ago. It is filled with antiques. Muzzie was an antiques dealer and specialized in primitives. She would go to estate sales, yard sales, auctions, and people's houses. I used to love going with her. We'd be in her old yellow van with just kitchen chairs holding us in the back that she had roped against the wall in case she would be out and find a large piece. It was great fun on those Kentucky back-roads flying in the air! Muzzie cooked for the ten children she raised and her husbands. Her cooking was good but country. She would cook her eggs in the bacon grease, but it was tasty. Her BBQ was TDF. She always had a pantry full (and freezer with lots of butter pecan or cherry cordial ice cream!)as she was the coupon queen. (That's where I get that from.) Her home was another home to me. I would go to her house for weeks during the summer and she would arrive with curlers in her hair to pick me up from school if I was sick, which I was often, and one of the reasons was so that I could lay in her bed and eat ice cream watching Days of our Lives with her.
Christmas 2013
I hope she knew how special she was. Muzzie and I have had such a bond...a connection...a kindred spirit. She taught me so much and I'll forever be grateful that she loved me enough to teach me to love the Lord, love your children, and that it's okay to be stubborn. When Papaw passed away in January, though Muzzie was in assisted living for her Alzheimer's, my aunt said she thought Muzzie wouldn't last 6 months. I wish she had not been right.

20 May 2014


Hey y'all! I'm very sorry that my writing has been sporadic. I'm working and we are at the end of the year push in homeschool. I think we will be be done with everything, but science and of course reading, by the first of June. So, I'm going to take an unplanned break in order to plow through. You will still find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest as time permits. I hope everyone has a very safe Memorial Day weekend!

P.S. I want to wish my beautiful niece a very happy birthday. My MIL passed on her birthday last year and though I know that her birthday will be difficult, I hope she knows that she is loved. Oh, and our pool is open so she is welcome to come down here from Ohio to swim!

16 May 2014

Working Women v. Stay-At-Home Women

I've recently gone back to work after being a full-time stay-at-home mother (SAHM) since 2005. Prior to that I was a part-time SAHM since my son was born in 1998. Before that I was in college. After he was born I decided that I needed to be home. Even though I was super ambitious in high school and college and had big plans (that did not include children), once I became a SAHM I was all in. I became Super-SAHM. I'm blessed that I have been able to stay home, but now, it's time to go back to work. An opportunity literally fell into my lap.

My sister works zillions of hours at work (she's an IT Manager in a large insurance company-so proud of her!), church, daughter's dance team coach, and goes to school. I've lived a different life. I chauffeur children all day, cook foods from scratch, teach my children, blog, and write letters just as much as email (though I text more than anything). She doesn't judge me and I don't judge her. We do what each family thinks is right. My children needed me to be home (blended family). My sister needed to provide insurance for her family. I'm not here to judge y'all for your decisions either. Last I checked, here in the democratized West we have the right to choose. Now we do not earn as much as men yet, no woman president, and last but not least...the SAHM does not have a way of impressing people with their fabulous occupation.

Since I'm back in the work force, I've been reading books and blogs on time management, getting ahead, and balancing it all. In a recent book, Lean In, I found this quote that I think warrants sharing:

"In a letter to The Atlantic in June 2012, Barnard president Debora Spar wrote about this messy and complicated emotion, exploring why she and so many successful women feel so guilty. She decided that it's because women "have been subtly striving all our lives to prove that we have picked up the torch that feminism provided. That we haven't failed the mothers and grandmothers who made our ambitions possible. And yet, in a deep and profound way, we are failing. Because feminism wasn't supposed to make us feel guilty, or prod us into constant competitions over who is raising children better, organizing more cooperative marriages, or getting less sleep. It was supposed to make us free-to give us not only choices but the ability to make these choices without constantly feeling that we'd somehow gotten it wrong.

Stay-at-home mothers can make me feel guilty and, at times, intimidate me. There are moments when I feel like they are judging me, and I imagine there are moments when they feel like I am judging them. But when I push past my own feelings of guilt and insecurity, I feel grateful. These parents-mostly mothers-constitute a large amount of the talent that helps sustain our schools, nonprofits, and communities. Remember that mom who pointed out that my son should be wearing a green T-shirt on St. Patrick's Day? She is a tireless volunteer in the classroom and our community. So many people benefit from her hard work.

Society has long undervalued the contributions of those who work without a salary. My mother felt this slight keenly. For seventeen years, she worked more than full-time as a mother and on behalf of Soviet Jewry. She understood that the compensation for her efforts was making a difference in the lives of persecuted people halfway across the world, but many people in her own neighborhood did not consider her work to be as important as a "real job". She was still regarded as "just a housewife"-undercutting the very real but unpaid work of raising children and advocating for human rights.

We all want the same thing: to feel comfortable in our choices and to feel validated by those around us. So let's start validating one another. Mothers who work outside the home should regard mothers who work inside the home as real workers. And mothers who work inside the home should be equally respectful of those choosing another option."

13 May 2014

My Mother's Day

My husband told me not to eat or drink when I get up so I figured we were going to get coffee. I was right but he took me to the neatest spot overlooking the Chattahoochee River at the Chattahoochee Coffee Company. 
My husband had this French press and gluten free cookie. 
I think a few of us have addictions...coffee and electronics. 
Our view
I wore a Lacoste polo shirt and cute Lilly Pulitzer skirt. Please excuse my ratty hair. It was very humid and I didn't use my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle on it that day. 

Did y'all have a good day?

10 May 2014

For Mother

If I could give you diamonds
for each tear you cried for me.
if I could five you sapphires
for each truth you've helped me see.
If I could give you rubies
for the heartache that you've known
If I could give you pearls
for the wisdom that you've shown.
Then you'll have a treasure, mother,
that would mount up to the skies
That would almost match
the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.
But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
As I'm sure you're well aware
So I'll give you gifts more precious
My devotion, love and care.
~Author unknown

Happy Mothers Day to my lovely and sweet Mom. She has what a daughter(s) need most, unwavering love. I love you! I'm sorry I can't be with you tomorrow. 

P.S. She doesn't want her picture online, so I couldn't share. 

P. S. S. To my mother in love in heaven, you are missed and loved. 

06 May 2014

Met Gala Ball Fave Pics

Marion Cotillard in Dior

Last night I was continually refreshing my Twitter feed to see the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The ball is a bit more celebrity centric than it used to be. For years it was about artists and models, not celebrities. I suppose actors are a different kind of artist. Here are a few of my favorites:

 I literally gasped upon seeing Madamme Cotillard. She was breathtaking. 
Victoria Beckham in her own design

I like this but it's a little to low cut. 
Emma Stone in Thakoon

This is cute, modest (ish), modern, and adorable. 
SarahJessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta

Kendall Jenner in Topshop

The fact that I picked a member of Kim Kardashian's family is scary, but she looks very lovely, especially for being an 18 year old. 

Model named Arizona wore a custom made Ralph & Russo 

This brand nor the model are not well known, but are lovely none the less. 
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen in Gianfranco Ferrè and Chanel 

I'm mixed here. These ladies are now fashion designers so I was surprised they did not design their own gowns. I think their navy dresses look great and reminiscent of 1980's power suits. 

My least favorites:
Katie Holmes in Marchesa

I think she's going for Belle in Beauty and the Beast
Chlöe Moretzin Chanel

Just. No. 


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