29 May 2014


 Muzzie with a few of her great-grandchildren and 1 grandchild
Muzzie is my grandmother. This beautiful lady has passed away today. Outside of my parents, Muzzie and Miss Anna (nanny) raised me. Last week she had a bad fall at her nursing home that caused bleeding and swelling of the brain. She was not able to recover. According to my sister, she died peacefully after suffering a great deal. Though I'm saddened that I didn't make it to see her in time (my flight is at 7 tonight), I'm glad she is no longer suffering.
 Elizabeth Lee was as strong as the day is long. She would be as loving as anyone but would tear you up one side and down the other if she felt inclined. Once you were on her list, you were on it for awhile. Her mother and father married very young and had children quickly. Muzzie was the oldest and went to live with her grandparents during the Great Depression. She had to be strong to help with her younger siblings. She married and had children young as well. In her life she has buried four husband, a son, and a grandson. However, I always admired that strength. Her love of family, antiques, being thrifty, playing the piano, and most of all, Jesus. She loved Jesus so much. She would sit at the piano and play her hymns that she loved so much. After supper we would be around her as she played and we all sang Amazing Grace, Old Rugged Cross, and of course Jesus Loves Me for us grandchildren. Muzzie learned to play the piano as a young girl and played in churches for years.
 Muzzie's house
This is her lovely house. It was grand for Spencer County when it was built over 40 years ago. It is filled with antiques. Muzzie was an antiques dealer and specialized in primitives. She would go to estate sales, yard sales, auctions, and people's houses. I used to love going with her. We'd be in her old yellow van with just kitchen chairs holding us in the back that she had roped against the wall in case she would be out and find a large piece. It was great fun on those Kentucky back-roads flying in the air! Muzzie cooked for the ten children she raised and her husbands. Her cooking was good but country. She would cook her eggs in the bacon grease, but it was tasty. Her BBQ was TDF. She always had a pantry full (and freezer with lots of butter pecan or cherry cordial ice cream!)as she was the coupon queen. (That's where I get that from.) Her home was another home to me. I would go to her house for weeks during the summer and she would arrive with curlers in her hair to pick me up from school if I was sick, which I was often, and one of the reasons was so that I could lay in her bed and eat ice cream watching Days of our Lives with her.
Christmas 2013
I hope she knew how special she was. Muzzie and I have had such a bond...a connection...a kindred spirit. She taught me so much and I'll forever be grateful that she loved me enough to teach me to love the Lord, love your children, and that it's okay to be stubborn. When Papaw passed away in January, though Muzzie was in assisted living for her Alzheimer's, my aunt said she thought Muzzie wouldn't last 6 months. I wish she had not been right.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know I am thinking of you and your whole family during this sad time.


  2. Dear Farrah,
    Your grandmother sounds like she was "as soft as the spring rain and a strong as marble." She must have done an enormous amount of serving in her life. Good to hear that she died peacefully. I know you will miss her. She sounds like a lady I would have liked to have met. I like antiques and singing old hymns about our Lord Jesus, too.

  3. Blessings to you and your family, Farrah. These are deep losses. How precious you had this kind of relationship with her.


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