26 June 2014

The Big Hamper


"They reached a lovely grove at sundown and stopped by the way to have supper. Graham got down and made George help him get out the big hamper.

There was a most delectable lunch; sandwiches of delicate and unknown condiments, salad as bewildering, soup that had been kept hot in a thermos bottle, served in tiny white cups, iced tea and ice-cream meringues from another thermos compartment, and plenty of delicious little cakes, olives, nuts, bonbons, and fruit. It seemed a wonderful supper to them all, eaten out there under the trees, with the birds beginning their vesper songs and the stars peeping out slyly. Then they packed up their dishes and hurried on their beautiful way, a silver thread of a moon coming out to make the scene more lovely.

Doris was almost asleep when at last they began to hear the booming of the sea . . . ."

--Grace Livingston Hill, The Enchanted Barn

Hat tip

The Enchanted Barn is my favorite GLH. It's free on Kindle!


  1. This is a delightful excerpt from The Enchanted Barn, of a picnic hamper, written in the tradition of the British children's classic, Wind in the Willows. Now I am interested in looking for it in our little church library.

  2. I will also look for Wind in the Willows. Thank you for the recommendation, Karen!


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