04 August 2014

A few thoughts

  • My hummingbird feeder has magically emptied for the second time this month, yet I have yet to see more than one hummingbird. I'm wondering if the ants that live inside of the feeder have managed to eat the nectar.
  • There's a squirrel that keeps coming to my balcony to eat the bird food that the Nuthatch keeps throwing down. It's driving me batty!
  • Someday I hope to own a Toy Poodle though it's doubtful that the poodle would help with the squirrel as they would be about the same size.
  • Though no child is actually leaving the house to go to school, I have decided that a backpack must be purchased...for myself. LL Bean is having a rare sale of 25% off of their Deluxe Bookpack and I've decided that I need one. I'm going to get navy or bright pink and have my initials monogrammed. It will primarily be for travel and library books. My last backpack came from there and lasted from high school until three years ago (10 years post college graduation) when I finally had to trash it, however I should have sent it back as they have a lifetime guarantee.
  • As I told a dear friend of mine today, I'm utilizing my slow cooker more than usual lately. Between having ear infection and bronchitis as well as it being summer in the South, not having to do much work and not turning on my oven have made this a wonderful idea. I've found most of my recipes on Pinterest.
  • Mint and strawberry infused water make drinking water palatable.
  • My stepdaughter has had her iPhone screen crack and a flat tire in the last two days. I felt sorry to see her cry. However, it's good that she's learning that being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be while still living at home.
  • Do "inspirational" posters such has #hustle actually make you want to hustle?

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