19 August 2014


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I suggest listening to Carla Bruni Pandora station while reading.

Most of my life I have been an Anglophile to the core. I love British television shows, Laura Ashley, the accent, and subscribed to Majesty and Royalty. At the age of 14, I went to England, which seemed to satisfy me somewhat. I'll still read Miss Read; watch every single British show I can find; and drool over Prince George. That being said, there has always been a small part of me that is Francophilian to the core! With today being Coco Chanel's birthday, it's the perfect day to discuss this love of her country. 

My cousin Karyn and her parents (a paternal aunt and uncle) went on a European holiday when Karyn was in middle school (I was in upper elementary). Karyn came back in total love of France. She regaled me with all of it's charms and my heart slowly began to open up to the thought of not marrying Prince Edward (Queen Elizabeth's youngest son) and seeing the Eiffel Tower and eating macarons from Laudree. Karyn later went to France as a foreign exchange student in high school then back as an au pair in college, where she majored in French and Art History. She is currently working on her senior thesis in the doctorate program and living with a fella in the seventh ardissment (I believe that's what she said) in Paris. Karyn came for Muz's funeral in June and I saw her in the perfect French girl outfit and told my husband that for my 40th birthday I want to go to Paris and Rome. It's a few years away and I hope that it comes true! 

In the meantime, I email with Karyn and read books, articles, and blogs of those that live in France. Oh, and before I forget, Chocolat is currently free with Amazon Prime. I fast forward through a few of the scenes and I don't care for the mysticism, but it's such an enchanting movie. Here are a few of my favorite Franco blogs:

Anna just left the west coast a few weeks ago and is living with her husband and 3 children in France for a few years.
Carol is a watercolor artist and would paint Parisian scenes she would find on her bi-annual trips to Paris. Finally, after visiting a few times a year she finally moved a few years ago to live out her dream of being an artist in Paris.
Vicki is an Australian that lives on an olive tree farm in Provence...how magical does that sound?!
Another Anna, whom is a pen pal of mine, went to Paris and shared her journey here, here, here, here , here, here and here.
Audrey has the best Paris pictures.

These are all of the ones at the top of my head. If you have any French blogs then please let me know. I've considered starting my Francophile Fridays once again, but as I'm still down with pneumonia I think I'll wait until I know for certain that I'll keep up with it.

All pictures are from my Francophile board on Pinterest. 

J'espère que vous avez une bonne journée! Revenez bientôt! (I hope you have a good day! Come back soon!)

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  1. I always saw myself as a France girl, but Paris sorely disappointed me.

    But Rome! Rome started a lifelong long affair with Italy... my (English) fiancé even proposed to me overlooking Lake Como :)

    I hope your 40th birthday dream comes true.


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