29 August 2014

This week

 Hello! I thought I would do a Friday post today. This is me sitting outside after being so sick with a cold which turned into bronchitis, which turned to pneumonia. Seven weeks later and I am finally back to the land of the living. I still cough when taking a deep breath and get tired easy, but my color is just about back, and my hair is flatironed so that's a positive step! Thank you to those that have prayed for me.
 Starbucks began selling their PSL early this year (August 25th instead of September 1st). I cannot bring myself to purchase one quite yet. If it's 90 degrees outside there is no wanting of pumpkin. I'll let you know when I finally succumb to it's powers. Oh, and I don't get the latte, I order an iced coffee with the pumpkin syrup. That way I get less milk and more coffee. Plus, it's $1 cheaper. Frugality and caffeine addiction fixed!
Now, Labor Day is on Monday, so if you want to wear your white, then you'd best do it this weekend. It's disappointing seeing the Southern ladies that have thrown this tradition out the window. I'll wear pink, but I won't wear white pants, purse, or shoes until Easter 2015 after Monday. Here is the official what to wear after Labor Day list from Southern Living.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day. We are having our place painted next week so I will spend the next few days sorting through things for Goodwill/Consignment. I hope to go to the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta this weekend to check out the Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vine's outlet sales for my husband to find a few things for his next few trips. We'll see how much energy I have to spend on shopping after my clear out. Anyhoo, I'll "see" ya next week!


  1. Have a great and safe holiday weekend!


  2. Thank you, Jan! I hope you do the same.


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