01 August 2014

Welcome August

When I was growing up, August meant the end of the fun. Summers spent playing kickball and Barbies with neighbors, rambles with Muzzie, listening to Papaw play the guitar on his front porch while visiting he and Nana, catching lightning bugs late into the night, Popsicles, and being carefree in general...was just about over. We typically started school around August 20-25th. So, in August, we still played kickball, but as Mother tried to get me acclimated to a school year schedule, staying out late at night was over.

However, the good part of shopping began! I've been a shopper since I was a little girl. Mother and I would go to Bacon's department store and stock up on jeans, shirts, raincoats, book bags, etc...the fall essentials even though it was still warm. I liked to wear a dress on the first day to make a good first impression on the teacher, so that was always an important buy. I liked to pick out my book bag and school supplies too. I LIVED for my Trapper Keeper and books. (I still love books!)

Since I've been sick with bronchitis and ear and sinus infections for most of July, I feel like we've been jipped out of part of our summer, but it is what it is. School begins for my son on August 11th. We are waiting to hear if he's been accepted to the online public school, but if not, he will attend public school for the first time in 4 years. It's a big change for us. I think it will be a good thing for him. William was home schooled from K-2nd grade then attended public school up until October of his 7th grade year. We put him in a private school for 2 years, but they didn't really have what he needed academically (The private school he would need is $25k/year). So, I home schooled him 9th and 10th with online tutoring in math and science. Going into the 11th grade, my husband and I have decided (reluctantly) to go a different route. Will is a really sweet kid, and I hope it won't hurt his sweet spirit, but we're going to give it a shot. I work part-time from home so if public either (online or physical) doesn't work out then I'm able to homeschool again. This weekend is tax free for clothes and school supplies so we are going to do some shopping. Like I said, I love back to school shopping!

I changed the background template again. I like to do this as the seasons change. In August, the sun changes. It's still hot and humid here in Georgia throughout August, so it's not quite Autumn feeling, but in August the sun begins taking on a golden hue. Seeing the change is so exciting! Remember, "for everything there is a season" Ecclisiastes 3:1.


  1. My daughter is a Sophomore this year and for the first time ever we are transitioning her out of public school. She will be attending a virtual university. I'm very nervous about it but hope we made the right decision for her.

  2. Angie,

    I just found out that my son got into the virtual academy. It's great for many reasons. Just make sure to keep her involved in the community and find out where the homeschool community has proms/dances, etc.


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