23 September 2014

Favorite Antique Books


Two weeks ago as I was putting books back on the shelves I took a look at a few of my old books. Muzzie gave me most of them. My prizes are this edition of Little Men and a Little Women still in its original outside cover. As you can see, this photo shows the early 1900 copyrights. Muzzie's knowledge of antiques was vast so knowing that some day these would be worth money is a sure thing. Also knowing my love for Little Women helped.


I also found 2 books of nursery rhymes. The top one in the picture was a gift from my mother to me and the bottom is from Muzzie to my son, Bry. They are both treasures!

I have several more antique books that Muzzie gave me, but I wanted to share the ones that mean the most. Do you have any favorite antique books?



  1. I have a few antique books. My favorite is the collection of Frank L. Baum's books, including a few first editions. They were owned by my great-grandmother as a small girl in New Orleans and Alabama.

  2. How wonderful, Whitney! Baum was an excellent writer. It's wonderful to have family heirlooms, but especially books.

  3. The inscriptions are a treasure of their own!

  4. Anna, yes, these will are definitely precious treasures. Especially the one from my grandmother for my son, as she passed away 4 months ago.


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