Monday Morning

Just about every morning I am awake by 8 am. As I work from home I don't have to worry about spending copious amounts of time on my hair or in Atlanta traffic (shew). So, I get up and put on my outfit of the day which is typically Adidas shorts and t-shirt or pajama bottoms and t-shirt and hair goes into a bun. When I need to go somewhere I put on a dress, brush my hair and teeth, fill a bottle of water, and leave immediately. If I don't leave immediately then I tend to spend way too much time on Twitter and then not leave. When I do leave I get coffee and croissant while out. If not, I go into the kitchen and drink a glass of water, make coffee and oatmeal or fruit. Sometimes coffee and tea irritate my gastritis so I will have a Mt. Dew. I know it's unhealthy, but it gives me the caffeine jolt without the irritation. I've been without a dishwasher for 2 weeks so I have been doing whatever dishes were from the night before that I did not get to before bed. Then I sit down on the couch with my iPad or laptop and read blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By 9:00-9:30 I plan my week and get to work. I work until 4 or so depending on my assignment of the day. By this time my son is in the room with me, unless my husband is out of town and I can use the office, and so my solitude is over, but I love being with him as I know my years with him are short.

Edited to add: My swimming pool, which I use most afternoons, will be closed for the summer as of next week so I will begin going to Lifetime Fitness in the mornings beginning the first week of October. So, that will change my morning routine. I'll let ya know how once I see how it goes.


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