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I have been unusually busy this week. I was out of town for 4 days and so this has been a shorter work week (Tues-Fri), which means that I've had to play catch up every day! Also, Bry had a state writing exam yesterday morning that I had to drive him to, which took away my morning.

Here are a few items of interest from the web this week:

Preppy Vintage Brands Town and Country magazine lists preppy vintage brands that totally take me back to elementary school and seeing my Aunt Sunny and Muzzie dressed in Pappagallo and The Villager.

NY Times has awesome behind the scenes from European fashion weeks. Those attending the shoes are more creatively dressed than many of the models that walk the runway.

You've probably seen this video, but it is so cute!

I don't know about you, but I am a stationery addict. I love all sorts of writing utensils and papers. Ashley Brooke Designs has just put out a new notebook which would be much more stylish than the yellow legal pad that I use on a daily basis.

Mrs. Rabe and I have been online friends for years, probably 6-7 years. Her list of the best parts of autumn is spot on.

Speaking of autumn, I unfortunately had to put away my Lilly and summer Laura Ashley after getting home from my trip, where my Lilly was most useful. Carly has put together a tutorial on organizing your fall clothing. I majorly trimmed down my fall/winter clothing when going through my clothing during our painting this month. It was especially easy as I've lost weight but if you do not have a weight fluctuation or a geographical relocation that force your clothing changes then you may benefit from Carly's post.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Our windows are open so it's wonderful here right now.


  1. I just went through my closet as well and purged some of my less flattering (read boxy) fall items. Along with some unattractive fleece one squires when living in the Pacific Northwest. Hahaha...
    There are just a few items I would like to order this season, but mostly I feel pretty well stocked.

  2. I'm going to start with some basics this week as we are in light layers here right now. There's no fleecing here until December!


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