13 September 2014

On My Radar/Friday Five

Happy Saturday Friends!

Today is a slightly cooler day and according to my iPhone weather app we will not see 90* for at least the next five days! As the kids say, "holla!". :) So, though technically the autumn equinox isn't for nine more days, I'm going to post this picture of this little girl, drink pumpkin spiced iced coffee and eat pumpkin spice pancakes like I made with turkey bacon this morning. Very soon we will be able to open our windows and turn off the air conditioning which means lower electric bills. This past month was the highest bill ever since moving here in 2000. Utterly ridiculous! I've decided to do an on my radar post, which is actually rather fashion focused.

On Ivanka Trump's twitter I found this cool interview with Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour. I'm so fascinated with her.
I do not spend a lot of money on magazines throughout the year. I purchase in March for the spring designs and September for the autumn fashions. This year I found a great new fashion magazine called Porter. I may subscribe to it I like it so much. (Most of the magazines I read come from the library for $.50. My only other subscriptions are Tea Time, Victoria, Cooks Country and Garden & Gun though I probably will not renew my Victoria subscription as it's not as good as it once was, but that's another topic.) Porter is like a less sexual W magazine, which is the industry standard outside of WWD (Women's Wear Daily, which I subscribed to as a fashion student, but not since becoming a mommy). Now that our house is painted and items are back in order, I will spend much of this weekend just like Sydney above and finally catching up on my fashion issues of Vogue, Porter, Southern Living (finally has a fashion issue for Southern women!), Town & Country, and In Style. I have a lot to do!

This is a wonderful recipe for pumpkin pancakes. I use Pamela's gluten free pancake mix instead of Bisquick.

TED Talks podcast has become one of my favorite educational podcast's that I listen to while doing the dishes or getting ready or in the car, etc. Here is a list of the most listened to. I want to add Sheryl Sandberg's podcasts to the list as one of my favorites. The announcement of iPhone 6 made me think of Steve Jobs, which reminded me of his must-be-heard TED Talk. Check it out. P.S. Let me add that  like my iPhone 5 but will probably get the 6 when I need to sign another 2 year contract in December. I want that camera!

I'm not sure I can get behind this trend outside of wearing dresses, which I do most days unless I'm in my pajama bottoms or work out shorts.

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