26 September 2014

Signature Scent

Whenever I think of the term "signature" I think of the scene in Steel Magnolias of Shelby saying that pink is her signature color. Do you have a signature color? What about a signature scent? The French ladies say that a woman needs a signature haircut and signature scent. One that applies to you and your known for. Maybe it's perfume or lotion, as it is for my friend Ruthann, whom says that she is known for her Philosophy lotion, most especially by her children that she tucks in bed at night.

My first perfume was Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Then I wore Liz Claiborne perfume that came in the red triangle. In college I wore Obsession and Polo Sport. I wore various perfumes in my twenties, but most of them caused headaches so I used lotions primarily for my scent. Then a few years ago I discovered my signature scent...Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. It smells very similar to Hawaiian Tropic and very warm. I used to be like most women whom switch up scents in the fall/winter and spring/summer, but I do not. My husband loves the scent and it doesn't give me a headache, like so many other scents do. So, this is my year round signature scent. However, it isn't sold year round, so I have to purchase it in the summer, though The Cosmetic Store outlet often carries it year round if necessary.

What's yours?

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