17 September 2014

The Feed

As a subscriber to Cooks Country and Cook's Illustrated magazines and follower of Christopher Kimball's twitter feed, oh, and I watch both Cooks Country and America's Test Kitchen on PBS, I found another website called, The Feed. It's a type of newsletter. There you'll find a community of food bloggers they recommend, what they're reading online, updates to their other websites, etc. Here are a few food related articles that I found while perusing their "What We're Reading" feed:

If you recall, I said I was giving up all Food Network shows, and suffice it to say, I'm glad. No withdrawals whatsoever. I have watched the occasional Giada, but very rarely. Now that there's so many places to find recipes it's information overload. So, for watching cooking, I leave it to Food Network Star in the summer and my PBS no-frills but educational shows. 

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