10 October 2014

Removable Wallpaper

A few weeks ago we had our flat painted (in one week!). Since having it painted I realized that I don't like the basic beige that the owners used and would like to put in some more color. I don't want to paint it ourselves as we would have to repaint it when we leave in the next two years. The only curtains I can change is in the living room area as the bedrooms need the black out curtains. I intend to purchase a new valance for the living room, but I want it to match the ...removable wallpaper! This way, when we do move the wallpaper can move with us. I read it on Katie's blog a few years ago then saw a few pins from Apartment Therapy that sealed the deal. This week I have been perusing several sites and thought I'd share my favorites and will take final pictures once it's up. As our rooms are not terribly big I only want 1 wall papered in the bedrooms and living room, but all of the bathrooms. My husband and I have not agreed on a picture that goes above the bed so I think this kills 2 birds in that room. Muzzie was always surprised about my husband's decorating opinions, but he does let me know what he wants and will take down anything he doesn't like. (He's a metrosexual. ;)

Etsy has, BY FAR, the largest selection of removable wallpaper.  Seriously, it's like a rabbit hole! Here are a couple of my favorites:
This will probably be in our bedroom and bathroom. 
 I'm thinking of this in the kid's bathroom. Maybe have silver or gold and kelly green accents.

 This also comes in bright pink gingham that is so adorable. 

Another neat resource is Urban Outfitters. My daughter likes a lot of their retro typed housewares and clothing. Personally, I think it may be a bit overpriced.
 I'm thinking of this for my son's room. 
 This is the only one my daughter and I could agree on. She's moving out in a few months so I'm not sure if I'll paper her wall just yet. I may wait until she leaves and decide. I'd love to do another pretty floral.
 This will probably be in the living room. I'm a bit concerned about the navy matching my navy leather furniture so this one is still just a possibility.

Anthropologie has several adorable wallpapers, but only 2 would match the rest of the walls:

 Love this, but am not sure which room I'd hang it.
I saw this on Carly's blog and loved it!

Laura Ashley has the best wallpaper though it's not removable. I'm just posting it as I'm in love with them:
 This would be in my son's room
This would totally be in my bedroom
 Living room, of course.
My daughter would not like any of the wallpapers for her wall. I'm 90% finished with a post on Laura Ashley. I just need a picture taken. So look for it next week!

Apparently chevron print is still trending. I liked it for about a month, but the market completely became saturated and I will be happy if I never see chevron again. Etsy has a ton of chevron prints. Urban Outfitters has limited amounts, but very cool ones. Being a traditionalist, I would prefer to have those from Laura Ashley, but not when I'd have to take it off upon moving. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for home goods? Do you have any other resources for removable wallpaper that are preppier?


  1. Wow - removable wallpaper - I'm totally in the dark about resources for that... but in terms of home goods shopping I love finding fun yet unique items from the MoMA Store website as well as John Derian and Shades of Light.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you! I like the MoMA store as well.


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