23 October 2014

Technology v. Paper, or Planning for Type B

No matter how badly I strive to be a Type A girl, I'm not. I love organizational products. The Container Store is like a dream to an organizational product junkie like me. My house is fairly organized. I've always adhered to "everything has a place and everything in it's place" while in the house. In my own little world is an ADHD girl that if still on Ritalin would be thinner and have my head organized, but possibly a junkie. As, that's not what I'm going for I deal with my ADD through diet as best as I can.  

So, how does a girl like me do it? I make lists...lots of lists. The question is remembering my lists, remembering to put stuff on my lists, and follow up with my lists. I use both technology and paper for different lists. Since I'm so easily distracted and forgetful, I have to use both methods for different reasons:
  • Shopping list and menu plan- For about 10 or so years of married life I would literally forget my list upon walking out the door. My husband would put a post it note on the door to get my list and he would put any returns in my car the night before. My receipts are organized but I would forget to bring the receipt with me so he makes sure to ask me for it before putting the return in the car. He would get me organized as that's his mojo! A few years ago he bought me an iPod Touch after seeing my sons use one and that it has a notes section. He figured that I could use the notes section to write my shopping list and I would have that with me all of the time because the camera was so much better than my BlackBerry Curve. Now, I use my iPhone's notes section and can easily text a list to him or my daughter if they are near a store that I need something. I no longer need the Post-It note*! I also make my menu plan and post it here with links to recipes needed. So, I put my iPad on my counter (and turn off the automatic screen shut off, learned this the hard way while making something that was boiling over and needed the next recipe step) and cook away.
  • To do lists- Seeing success with my shopping list on my phone I hoped that I would have equal success with using technology to help me remember work and personal to do lists. I was wrong, really, really wrong. I began using the Reminders section on my iPod and then iPhone to keep up with my to do lists. Well, with it being on my phone I would forget to pull it out or that something was needed by a certain time. So I began using Reminders with alerts. I would close out the alert thinking I would get to it, and immediately get distracted. Then it would just sit there. Seriously, polishing my silver has been on my reminders list for about a year. So, I went back to my paper lists and am finding it be be successful. The only problem I have with that is remembering to bring my lists with me wherever I go, but I keep a notebook in my purse that I use to add to my list when I get home. I keep my legal pads out on my table so I can always be reminded of combining my lists. I have one legal pad for work, one for personal notes (haircuts, polishing that silver, errands, etc.), and one for blogging. (I am going to invest in this blog pad ASAP!) For Christmas lists, I use paper to make big list as I purchase most things online. This notepad is perfect for it.
  • Calendars- When my children were younger, I used a white board calendar that I bought at Pottery Barn outlet (the best organizational system, in my opinion). I had a decorative paper calendar on the wall, but it was just for birthdays and an inexpensive decoration  in the kitchen and office area. Everyone could see whom was doing what at any given time and there wasn't the excuse of "I didn't know". They knew! It was literally in black and white! Once everyone had phones or iPod Touch's then we went to an electronic calendar so we could all get those alerts. Since my husband does not use an Apple product, he added my calendar (home section, not work) to his Outlook, which is also on my laptop. I "invite" my children when adding an appointment they need to be at or it's used for my son's Live Lessons for his online school. I still have Colonial Williamsburg calendar that I get as a donor and Rifle Paper Co's calendar on the walls for inexpensive decorations. 
*I still write the places I need to go on my hand so that I don't have to look at my phone and I don't forget.

Are you a Type A personality or Type B? What has worked for you?

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