13 October 2014

The Conservative Feminist

In the last few weeks I have read both Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book Hard Choices and Ben Carson’s One Nation. These are not my typical books as I love a classic fiction before bed as any other makes me lie awake thinking about what I read and analyzing it thoroughly, which defeats the purpose of reading before bed. However, In reading these books I started thinking about feminism. I mean Hillary is the poster child for feminism outside of Gloria Steinem, of course. But, why are most feminists democrats, or liberal minded? Is that a pre-requisite?
Time published an article about celebrity feminism. With Tina Fey, Sheryl Sandberg, and Lena Dunham writing books about standing up for your fellow women and working hard. I thoroughly enjoy reading books by women in business. Strong women are #trending and that is a wonderful thing as long as it’s substance and not fluff. Beyonce, Fey, Sandberg, and Dunham have worked their butts off to get where they are and I think that is important for women to remember. Women have to work harder to get to the executive point of men. This morning I was reading Fortune’s  40 under 40 and thinking about how few women there are, but is there a reason? Granted 80% were tech company leaders and the population of women in tech companies is small.
Women generally want to help other women as we are typically caregivers and loving as God made us. Obviously that doesn’t mean we can’t work hard and be difficult and bossy. I LOVE telling people what to do. Giving advice on creating a wardrobe, parenting, writing is my favorite thing to do in the world outside of shopping and binging on Hallmark Channel movies. Does this mean that I should own a multi-national conglomerate? Maybe. Maybe not. And that’s okay. Will I be a celebrity feminist? Probably not. 
You see, I’m conservative in my political stance. I support other women. I fully support a woman’s decision to work outside of the home. However, I am not pro-choice. I support a woman in having access to the best in healthcare, being the breadwinner, deciding not to have children or have them without killing a child that has already been created. I’m pro woman but not pro killing someone that wasn’t given a choice. So, am I no longer a feminist? No! I love women. I support women. I honestly would have voted for Hillary had she won the primary in 2012. (To set the record straight, I voted for Mitt Romney.) Ivanka Trump is my hero. She is a conservative feminist and the only celebrity feminist that I truly look up to. Ben Carson’s mother was a pro-life feminist as she worked to provide for her family and raised her boys to value education and women. Mothers of boys can raise feminists without leaving the house. That is what I’ve done. My boys know to treat everyone the same and if a girl is better at something than them, high five her.
In conclusion, girls are taking over the world, and that’s a good thing. I just hope many are conservative as well.

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  1. Agree with everything written. Wonderful blog post!


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