17 October 2014

This and That

Now that it is mid-October, it is finally time to begin looking for fall clothes. I know many of y'all have been wearing fall clothes for a month or more but until this week, the highs have been in the low 80's. Today we are to hit 79, but for the next ten days our temperatures will hover around 70/50. We are in the transitioning phase of wardrobe. I can wear my (non white or eyelet type) dresses with blazers/cardigans/chambray shirt. My khaki shorts, which are too big but dearly loved, have been worn since March will be put away once the highs go below 70. I'm perusing the internet for some new items since the only pants I own are leggings, and those technically are not pants but thick stockings. I do have one pair of unflattering jeans from Old Navy to wear if necessary. So, where am I looking for clothes? First, Goodwill and Salvation Army. One can find Pendleton (I did last week! Score!), Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, etc. As my weight loss has plateaued, which should change once I begin swimming again next month, but I know what size I will generally wear so unlike last year when I was rapidly losing, I can purchase other than inexpensive and cheaply made Old Navy. I'm planning to purchase some pants and Bean Boots from L.L. Bean (I'm going to give their khakis another go), dresses from Gap and Vineyard Vines, white ocbd from RL, and a few odds and ends from Forever 21. Mulberry color trend is everywhere. I saw an adorable purse in it on Lush to Blush, which is how I would need to use it...in accessories. With my coloring, it would not look good next to my skin. I have a wine wool car coat with black velvet collar so that will probably be my use of that trend. My other favorite trend is a WASP favorite-tartan. I love that it is found everywhere! I'll do a post next week with my favorites as I'm still going through all of the fall favorite websites.

So I was a mean mommy this week. I was selfish and made a pie that I knew nobody else but me liked. I took two boxes of Jello's pumpkin spice pudding and made it with cow's milk then mixed in a tub of Tru Whip and poured it into a graham cracker crust. You see, I rarely ever get more than a few bites of any dessert I make so I selfishly made one that is all mine. My daughter is lactose intolerant (though that didn't keep her from eating 2 pieces and taking Lactaid enzyme ;), my husband can't have gluten, and my son hates pumpkin anything. So, it has lasted me almost a whole week!

On Instagram I posted a video of my pantry. It is the fullest that it has ever been! Seriously! On Sunday evening my husband and I went to Harry's Farmer's Market. Harry's was bought by Whole Foods, which opened in a new location on Tuesday. So, the entire store was 50% off. We went through the entire store and filled our cart pretty high. At checkout they announced that everything was 75% off, including supplements and wine! So, after checking out, my husband went through again so he could pick out what wine he likes (I don't care for wine very much). We bought $600 worth of food for $110! Needless to say that we are stocked up. It was a fulfilling experience. :)

If you recall, a few weeks ago I posted about Vogue's 73 things with Anna Wintour. Reese Witherspoon's is the greatest. I totally want to be her friend.

I'm currently reading 10 Curzon Street about Nancy Mitford's letters to a bookshop owner and all I keep thinking of is one of my favorite British shows, As Time Goes By, where they mention in the second episode how Lionel and Jean met when Lionel asked her how to get to Curzon Street. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'm meeting a friend for brunch tomorrow otherwise I hope there's picnicking involved.


  1. Tartan is my favorite, too. My mother dressed me in it for years. I'll never forget the luxurious skirt she made from a pumpkin colored Pendleton wool tartan - an incredibly soft fabric she bought at the fabric store where she worked. It was a Christmas present when I was 18. Its style was a straight 1940's fit - snug at a "true" waistline. I'm baffled at what is called a "natural" waistline these days.
    My mother was an amazing seamstress.


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